Fort Worth: Cows, Cowboys, and Christians


The Drigger family are Members of our site, and Richard (or Rick), the dad, invited us to stop by his place. He invited us last year. He and his wife lead a small group of marriage mentors at their church.

They attend one of the five campuses at the Village Church, which is the church that Matt Chandler leads. We attended their church meeting while we were there. It was an excellent service.

We rolled into their place on Friday and settled in. That night Richard had a group of IMG_2946marriage mentors over, which they do occasionally. They all work with pre-marrieds, hoping to help them as they take the plunge.

I shared a little bit at that meeting.

The next day we went to the Dallas Cowboys football stadium. It was just a few years old and something worth seeing. Due to time constraints, we could not get the VIP tour, so we went on the self-guided tour, which did allow us to go onto the field.

We went into the cheerleader’s locker room as well as where the players suit up. That was interesting. We also spent a good bit of time on the field. It’s an amazingly big place. The jumbo-tron was humongous–hard to take it all in.

IMG_2953I wondered how you could enjoy a game there. If you really like football, it would be best, to my way of thinking, to watch it on TV. The nosebleeds were so high that it would be difficult to make out the players. You would pay a high price just to watch the game on a large screen erected from the 20 to the 20 yard line.

I talked to one guy who likes to watch it from the outside, while standing on the overflow deck. I suppose the “I just have to be there” impulse is strong.

Though it was overpriced to see the stadium, I’m glad we had the experience. “I just had to be there.” Lucia was glad too. She likes all things engineering.

On Sunday the Driggers treated us to Joe Garcia’s, which is hard to explain. It’s an almost totally outdoor restaurant hidden in a lot of plants and electric fans. It was not uncomfortable to be outside in Fort Worth during July. It actually worked, though it was quite warm (hot!!).

The restaurant was a full city block. They could feed at least a thousand people, if not more. I think on Friday and Saturday nights that is what they do.IMG_3013

We left the Driggers after lunch and went to the Forth Worth stockyards. We did not have to be in OKC until later that night and it was only about a three-hour drive to Oklahoma.

The stockyards were fun. The kids had a blast as they saw how life was 150 years ago. We got into a little dust-up with a Texas lawman, but it all turned out well. He was a quicker draw than me.

We went into a few stores and the kids bought something. That was nice.

It was super hot in Texas, plus there was humidity. I did not enjoy that. It was the first humidity that we had experienced in over two months. No fun.

We’re heading east. Time to sweat again.

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