Home again, home again

The trip home was short and sweet, as they say. We packed and was in the van before noon, and at home in the afternoon. It was a great way to finish the trip–with a short road trip.

Home was bittersweet. It was great to be home. It was great to see the house still standing. It was great to sleep in your own bed. It was great to put all your stuff where it belongs, w/o giving any thought to packing it in a bag to transport to the next place.

During the trip I was reminded often of the tabernacle in the wilderness and the 40-year journey of the Hebrews. Pack up, move on, unpack, settle down, pack up, move on, unpack, settle down, etc.

It was nice to be home.

Mike, et. al. did a fantastic job taking care of the place. It looked great. We had three interns that came to the church for the summer to stay in our home. One of the interns did not work out, so two were there most of the time. Everything seemed to be okay. That was a relief, though I did not give it a lot of thought while we were on the road.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The part that was sad was coming off the road. I did not anticipate that I would like it so much. The whole family felt the same way. We like each other and travel well together, so being together was not a burden on anyone. Ansa was the primary one that began to long for home, toward the end of the trip.

The turning point for her seemed to be when we took a left turn in San Diego, heading east. That was a seminal moment for all of us. We all felt, to differing degrees, the trip was coming to an end, even though we still had several weeks left.

The other big drawback in my soul was coming back to “Greenville religion”. Lucia felt the same way. The legalism and inculturated religion that has been recycled over and over again for 200 years has created a kind of fear-based legalism that can be stifling to the soul.

Coming back to extra-biblical preferential conservatism has not been hard (hyperbole), but it has been something I have not looked forward to.

I have said for years, even decades, that I want to die in Greenville, SC. I have never considered any other option for nearly three decades now. That has changed. This trip has done that for me. I’m no longer Greenville-centric. To move to another part of the country has appeal to me.

To be in a different religious environment has a refreshing sound to it. We’re not going anywhere, that I am aware of, but to move is an option that appears to be on the table for the future. I consider this a positive development.

Lucia loves people and loves to travel. She is amenable to this new option for our future.

For now we will hit the grind. There are children to educate, lives to live, and needs of the day.

It is good to be home.

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