Our first family fun day

Yesterday was our third Sunday church meeting. We are fitting in nicely. They had one of their family fun days later that day. Tristen and Haydn left the church meeting to help them set up the park. I took Lucia and Ansa to lunch with Fred and Pat.

We left them and did some shopping for Lucia’s birthday, though we did not find anything. Yesterday was her birthday. She ended up ordering the pants she was looking for through Kohl’s.

Deborah Ford sent her a very nice chime thing. Everybody loved it. The kids wanted it in their room. TBD. Julie Rawlings also bought her a few things, i.e., towel, popcorn, tea, and chocolate. That was nice too.

We had a wonderful time at the fun day. I went; I sat; I did not move for 2.5 hours, except to get some food. Several people came by, so I was talking non-stop. That was nice too. Lucia did the same thing by going the mobile route. She could flutter around talking to people. It was way easier on my buttock to sit, not walk.

God is kind.

I had maybe a dozen or so conversations, and all of them were beyond superficiality. That is exactly what we have been longing for for years. Parents talking about marriage failure, parental failure, kid failure, church failure—yada, yada, yada. It was so refreshing.

Lucia had the same experience.

And the children had a blast. Tristen posted this on her Instagram account, along with a bunch of other pictures: “Church picnic was tonight. I had a great time. Can’t wait for the next one. #RedeemingGraceChurch”

That was a kindness from the LORD. The kids did not want to make the church move when we talked about it at Whattaburger in Fort Worth. It was the “I don’t want to change” thing that all kids feel. They were honest with their thoughts, which I appreciated, but we believed they would be okay.

Well, that did not take long. They are loving it.

There is more interaction, more talking at a level that matters, more transparency, more vulnerability, and less “hung up on themselves” that so many people experience.

It feels good.

You can’t have everything in a church, so you have to identify what are the most valuable things to cherish. Biblical fellowship is very high on my list. I’m tired of the superficial BS.

It’s a good start.

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