Yesterday I was told that I had cancer

Back in July a bump appeared on my head. I’m not sure where I was, maybe in Fresno, CA camping with Harvest Bible Chapel Church of Fresno. A lady mentioned on Facebook that she thought it was a bee sting, and she is from that church, so apparently she knew about it then since I have not seen her again.

It was just a bump, nothing more and nothing less. I was not concerned with it. It did itch for a while. I had Lucia put a pin in it to see if it would pop. (A guy thing.) It didn’t pop. It did aggravate it, but that soon subsided.

The bump did not go away; I kept picking at it. By the time we got to Coffeyville, KS it seemed prudent to Lucia to go to a 24-hour care facility to get their perspective. (A girl thing.) The doc was not alarmed. She said there were no signs of anything other than a normal bump. She gave me some antibiotics and a topical ointment, which I took and put on for the rest of the trip and about a week or so after we arrived home–until it ran out.

Lucia made an appointment for me with our doctor. (Another girl thing.) I saw him, and he wanted me to see a specialist just in case, though he did not have any immediate concerns.

I saw the specialist yesterday. He also did not have any concerns, though he said you could not really know until they cut a piece out and put it under the microscope. They did. They called back about four hours later saying it was cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma.

I’m now scheduled for surgery on 09.21.15 to have it cut out. At that point I will know if they can get it all, if it has spread, and if there are more concerns. My thinking is that they can get it, but that is hope-filled based on no evidence.

The “C” word is sobering no matter how small the evidence of it. Now I know it’s possible. Some folks can go through their entire lives without any kind of brush with cancer. It may be dormant in their system, but stays that way.

Then there are others who have dormant cancer and it is triggered. I now know that I’m in that group. I hope this will aid my motivation to fight for health. I do eat somewhat healthy and exercise. I do the main five things they tell you to do:

1. Maintain the right weight.
2. Don’t smoke.
3. Drink alcohol only moderately.
4. Eat healthy.
5. Exercise regularly.

The sixth thing is the grace of God, but the health gurus don’t mention that essential element. I have not told the children yet. I do not want them to be pre-alarmed. Three weeks is too long for them to have to think about this.

I did put a note on Facebook because this is ultimately beyond any of our abilities to resolve. I asked our FB friends to talk to God about this. Though I appreciate FB for marketing purposes and really don’t care for it at all for anything else, it has been encouraging to know that scores and scores of people responded, and want to pray about this.

To be continued…