Ansa’s story about Alaska

My family traveled to Alaska for a week in February. We were able to see Mt. Rainer in Seattle, Washington, which was astounding! Alaska is larger than the entire midwest. (Pic 1)

Landing in Anchorage took us over the Alaskan Mountain Range (Pic 2), the biggest mountains I have ever seen. We were staying in Soldotna, and the drive there took us around the Cook Inlet.

We witnessed a “bore tide”. This tide is a “rush of seawater that returns to a shallow and narrowing inlet from a broad bay. It happens after an extreme minus low tide created by the full or new moon”

We toured a wildlife preserve and saw all the local animals. (Pic 3) Our home for the week was on the Kenai River. The sunrise occurred at 9:30 am! Notice the long afternoon-like shadows. (Pic 4)

Midweek, in the middle of the night, we were able to see the northern lights (aurora borealis). It was amazing to see greenish clouds wiggling in the sky. The glaciers’ residue gives some of the rivers an amazing color. (Pic 5)

We went North to Seward, named from William H. Seward, the Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln. He helped with the purchase of Alaska from Russia. The Iditarod Trail starts here and it is a big fishing and tourist town. (Pic 6)

We went south to Homer, the halibut fishing capital of the world. A popular spot in the summer is the Homer Spit. It is crowded with campers and fishermen. (Pic 7) We also saw a moose, in town, across from a local coffee shop. (Pic 8) We also went to Anchor Point – the furthest west you can travel on any road in America! With all we saw, we barely scratched the surface.

Alaska Trip - Ansa Thomas