There and back again

Vacation 2016_ There and back again

Picture from the Hawthrone hotel in Ohio where we were visiting the Creation Museum

On Monday, May 30 we began our second annual summer two-month road trip. We came back home at 12:30AM on Friday, July 22nd. We traveled 5700 miles, which was about 5000 miles less than our first annual road trip last year.

Like last year, it was a working vacation. I worked nearly every day, sometimes 12 hours a day, if not more. We did not do things every day, which is our normal custom when traveling, so this enabled me to work a normal weeks’ hours, though my work schedule was choppier than I prefer.

The journey began with our first stop in Chapel Hill, NC, which is about five hours from our home. One of the better things about this trip was that all our distances were two to three hours or less. We could get from spot to spot in the same day.

There were only a few times when that was not the case like our initial jaunt to Chapel Hill. The distance from Montreal to Niagara was another one of those distances. We went from Montreal to just south of Toronto and then made the Niagara trip the next day.

We did a similar thing on the last leg of our journey. We left Ohio and came home, which was a six-hour distance. This was a far cry from what we did last year. There were a few times where it took three days to get to our destination. Other times it took more than a day, which meant we had to layover somewhere. This year’s adventure was better that way, though my family travels well.

I told Lucia that doing the long trip out west last year and the shorter trip this year is much better than doing it the other way around. If we did short trips last year and then had twice as much distance this year, it may have been a bigger adjustment.

Even so, both trips cannot be adequately described or fully processed. They were amazing on all levels. It has been a mercy from the LORD for us to finish up our parenting of our children (still living with us) this way.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to God for this mercy. I will post more about this year’s trip in the coming weeks.

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