How to guard a public life through a personal problem

One of the biggest tensions we’ve struggled with through this process is how to let folks know what’s going on while not letting folks know what’s going on. We are part of the body of Christ, the most loving community in the world. Besides that, prayer is our greatest asset, thus, we want folks to know so prayers can be offered.

Then there is another side of public awareness: endless emails, phone calls, healing suggestions, questions, prayers, the retelling of the story, and, of course, all the updates–because the news changes daily, sometimes by the hour.

I vividly recall our first miscarriage. We told folks we were pregnant as soon as we found out we were pregnant. Then the miscarriage. I remember watching Lucia tell the story to each caller, over and over again. I remember what it did to her soul. Hence the tension.

People care because they are Christians, and people need to know what’s happening to folks they care about. The other side of that truth is how can we guard our lives against the negative side-effects of caring people? Can I say it that way?

We want folks to know because we want folks to talk to God about this. We also want to experience their care. But with a team of doctors, a mountain of paperwork, a ministry the two of us have never been able to get on top of, plus the weight (and mystery) of cancer, we need time and space to cast these things on the LORD (or just sleep). This is why I’m writing a blog; we can tell the story one time and many folks can read, learn, and pray.

Then there is Facebook. We’re not ready for that.

Perchance you read this, we would appreciate the communication be limited, the prayers be many, and I’ll do my best to keep you fully apprised of what’s up.

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