Next steps…Lucia’s cancer

Thank you for your kind words, prayers, and encouragement. The process thus far and where we are today:

1. Rick and Lucia working through the news (Nov 01)
2. Getting all the data that is available (Nov 1-10)
3. Walking the kids through what we know (Nov 10)
4. Letting people know so prayers can be made (Nov 20)

Next steps…

We have our next meeting with the surgeon on November 28th. We’re waiting to find out about grant qualifications to see how we’re going to pay for these things. Our next meeting with the geneticist is December 1. The chemo doc meeting is on December 7.

We were hoping for the geneticist meeting before the surgeon meeting because the results from the genetic testing will tell us if it needs to be a double mastectomy. We’re still praying about a lumpectomy but with it being seven masses, the upper quadrant will be removed, thus, reconstruction for that versus a mastectomy will probably be too much.

Though we know (pretty much) what we have to do, we want to keep all the cards on the table until all the meetings and prayers are complete.

The surgery will take place mid-December, which could be somewhere between the 14th to 21st. There will be a couple of weeks of acute recoup, and then we’ll see about radiation after the first of the year.

They prefer radiation before they do reconstruction so they can be assured to get any cancer stragglers without the new breast(s) being in the way. Lucia will not be able to lift anything over ten pounds. She’ll have limited movement on her left arm. She can be mobile somewhat quickly. They are anticipating a one-night stay over in the hospital.

The two most important upcoming meetings will be the surgeon and then the geneticist. We’re praying it’s not a double mastectomy.

Lucia is not as concerned with the mastectomy (or chemo if that is needed) and the hair fallout, as much as she is concerned about the children seeing her this way. However, I think post-surgery and post-chemo (if that is needed), there will be concerns but for now, that is a future worry, which the LORD has been great to keep her from running down those paths.

She has been experiencing disrupted sleep, which is a big deal for her because the LORD has given her the gift of rest: Historically, she goes to sleep quickly and does not wake up until the morning. We are praying she can experience that gift again.

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