Fear showed up today

The past 24-hours have been a challenge. After the meeting with the surgeon yesterday, we checked four new things off our list.

  1. Lucia had a chest x-ray.
  2. She also had bloodwork.
  3. The BRACA results came back.
  4. We made an appointment for the surgery.

The chest x-ray, which is a standard pre-op procedure, showed no signs of any problems such as anything in the heart or lungs. The bloodwork results will take a few days.

The big news was the BRACA report, which said she was clear of the six primary genes (they are aware of) that cause hereditary cancer. This news is the difference between a simple mastectomy and a double mastectomy.

Early this morning, the doctor’s office called, saying they had an opening December 9 at the hospital across the street. Getting a date on the calendar accelerates all the thought temptations you can have.

Those thoughts collided in Lucia’s mind today. It made it more real than just talking about it. We are actively working to take our thoughts captive. Today was more somber than others.

Walking out mystery

We are looking into a second opinion. We’re not avoiding what appears to be the inevitable, but we do want to be thorough.

There is a tension here: we want as much appropriate knowledge as we can get, and we don’t want to prolong the inevitable. We are cautiously resting in the mystery of these two things.

Emails are nice

Several folks have sent wonderfully encouraging (and releasing) emails. What I mean is that they begin (or end) their email by saying no need to respond. How wonderful. That helps. Our habit is to respond to emails; the Gospel motivates you to acknowledge kindness, even if it’s an email.

It is hard for us to not acknowledge an email sent but for now, we’re in minimalization mode. We’re resting in our limitations.

Laughing continues

On a side note, the laughing and general happiness in our home has not subsided a bit. We’re playing Christmas music, decorating the house, dancing, and being our usual silly selves. It appears to me the LORD has big buckets of grace He likes to dump on folks.

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