Met the reconstruction surgeon today

We spent the morning with the reconstruction surgeon. He’s a nice guy. There is something to be said for good “bedside manner.” He had that.

Our appointment was our first hurried meeting through this process. I dropped Trit off at school, came home to get Lucia, went to the meeting with the doctor, and then rushed off to do staff training at Bridgeway Church. It’s not how we like to do these meetings.

We need quantity and quality time with the doctors and then more time to debrief after the meeting. Not today. I dropped Lucia off at our home and rushed out to the training. Today was also launch day for my monthly book giveaway, which always creates a lot of busy work after the eBlast goes out.

We did not get our debrief time until 4:30 PM.

Here’s where we are.

The official surgery date is 01.16.17. That’s a Monday. She will stay over one or two nights. It depends on how it goes. We hope the reconstruction doc can be there to do his markings and give input about what will effect him when his time comes.

(Lucia felt hurried with the December 9 surgery date. It was the only date Dr. Cochran had for this year at the hospital next door. We took it, though we anticipated canceling it. We did that today.)

Lucia is “okay” with the mastectomy. “Okay” does not come close to accurately describing how she got to this point or how she thinks about it. Her response to me was how God used the “prayers of the saints” to get her to “accept” this surgery outcome. Thank you!

There is another meeting tomorrow with another doctor. We continue to collect data and talk. Last night was a late “talk night” that we couldn’t avoid. We talked until after 1 AM. We do try to get our chatting done during the day (or evening) but some days don’t permit it. Lucia got a nap in today, which was nice.

Her soul is in a good place today.

The emails and texts are wonderful. They are a source of encouragement. We like the body of Christ. A lot.

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