Met with medical oncologist today

Dr. Patti is the medical oncologist we met with today. He looked to be in his sixties. I liked that part. A little gray in the hair brings comfort to the soul when surgery is in play. He works out of the “round building” next door. That’s the cancer building.

“A medical oncologist is a doctor who has specialized training in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. A medical oncologist often is the main health care provider for someone who has cancer. A medical oncologist also gives supportive care and may coordinate treatment given by other specialists.” (Taken from this site)

Dr. Patti wants to see Lucia three weeks after the surgery. He will not be able to recommend a “chemo plan” until after the tests come back, post surgery. It may be two or three weeks after surgery. Having all the test results will enable him to accurately prescribe a treatment plan.

One of those reports will be the lymph node test. During the mastectomy, they will get what they need to test the lymph node. The doctor hopes there will be no chemo but, again, the test results will determine that.

He also restated and reaffirmed what everyone else said; it needs to be a mastectomy, not a lumpectomy. He said the maximum tumor is small, but there are several (7) of them. He did say they don’t give radiation after a mastectomy because they typically get it all. However, the lymph node test may say Lucia needs chemo.

The best case scenario is she will only need an estrogen blocker after the surgery. However, they have to send the cells taken from the surgery to CA for testing to see if any cancer is left. That is what will determine chemo.

Early to bed, late to rise

Lucia will be able to go to bed early tonight and sleep in tomorrow. That will help. The doctor appointments are not grueling or sad. Everybody is great. It’s the aftermath that wears you down. Parts of it are processing the information and taking thoughts captive. The other parts are us talking through what was said with the doctor, plus catching up on school and work things after we arrive home.

And, you guessed it…there is grace for those things, which is enhanced by a good night of rest.

Ansa went with us today. She was her usual amazing self.

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