Taking a Christmas cancer break

Since the surgery is tentatively set for January 16 and we don’t have to bring future worry into today, we are going to take a “cancer break” so we can enjoy Christmas. It feels right. Our wonderful counselor summed it up nicely when He said,

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:34)

So, we’ll start worrying all over again around mid-January.

We did see a “naturopathic” fellow yesterday. We saw him a few years ago for other things, and it went well. Our preference is always something other than meds and the usual medical route, though we don’t throw either baby out with their bathwater. It’s not either-or for us, but both-and.

Our preference is non-processed, all natural, etc., so we did not want to discount the possibility of God working a miracle through natural means. And, as long as her cancer plays nicely by not wandering off into other parts of her body, we want to throw in another healing possibility.

We grabbed a few things (not marijuana) from this guy and will see what happens. You’re welcome to pray about this. That would be wonderful.

How is Lucia?

She is doing fine, and FINE does not mean Feelings Inside Never Expressed to her. That may describe your small group, but not her. 😉 She is actually doing okay. The LORD’s favor is working nicely on that “future worry” thing.

She does not mind talking about her cancer, though she does not want that conversation to dominate her time with you. She prefers her identity to stay situated in Christ rather than the girl with breast cancer.

If you’re unsure about what to say to her, then say, “I’m unsure what to say to you.” Seriously. We’re Christians; awkward is acceptable if that is what it takes to work through a fuzzy area. Just say what’s on your mind. Please don’t make it more awkward by not saying what you’re thinking. Just do it.

We’re Christians.

It’s okay.


Lucia’s preference is to talk about Jesus, and what He is doing in her life. That really gets the conversational ball rolling for her. It always has. We call it BF (biblical fellowship). It’s our love language. An excellent question could go like this: “How is God working in your life these days?”

She’ll take it from there. She’s a professional. And if you do that, you will serve her well.

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