I know what it sounds like, but it’s not that. Or, it’s not mostly that. It’s some of that, but not really that. Yes, there is a degree of, “I don’t want to do this” so we want to put it off, but that is not what’s driving our latest decision.

What this is really about is our desire to find out if the homeopathic regimen works. There is no point in taking the pills if there is no time to let them do their thing, so we had to create some time, which meant pushing the surgery date to February 27.

Please pray that the good LORD will work through this process and reduce or remove the seven masses. That would be good. Or, as the three Hebrew boys said, “But if not, we still will not bow down.” (See Daniel 3:18)

We don’t want to come across as wishy-washy about this, but some things are so important that the “optics of a situation” (what people think) does not matter as much as removing potential future regret.

It reminds me of some folks who have legitimate cold feet before they marry, but they are afraid to put off the wedding, only to live a life of regret because of their fear of what others may think. We are comfortable enough to change our minds, regardless of the optics. So, this is where we are today.

Resting in the storm

Everything else is the same. We’re tired. We seem to stay tired most of the time, but we’re at rest. Resting on a boat in a storm, during a dark and stormy night is possible. I know a guy who did that. We have that kind of rest during our storm. (See Mark 4:38)


One of the unintended outcomes of this blog, which was not the intent of it all, is that a few folks have found encouragement in their personal journey with the LORD as they navigate through their unique storms. I did not anticipate this. Our “other” website is to encourage folks that way, but I’m glad the LORD can multitask by using more than one website.

Stay tuned

If anything changes, I’ll let you know, but for now, the surgery is February 27. Thank you for your prayers, encouraging words, helpful website links about cancer stuff, and other tidbits, but most of all thanks for being for us.

Feel free to say anything.