Podcast Update

I have been tardy in keeping folks updated. I’m sorry. I do appreciate you asking how things are going with us. Please continue to ask. Things have been a bit busy lately, so I thought rather than writing a weblog, I asked Lucia if I could “interview” her for our Life Over Coffee podcast. She was cool with that, so I did. If you’d like to listen, go here http://rickthomas.net/podcast/life-over-coffee/ep-71-lucia-thomas-interview-breast-cancer/.

Thanks, again, for your patience and your care.

You will hear that Lucia sounds tired. She is. She’s tired most of the time. Family, work, and life never stops. We did not talk about her tiredness in the podcast, but I wanted to let you know so you can pray about that. We are intentional about getting her naps, and the children are doing fabulous in pitching in to carry some of the load.

There isn’t anything you can do other than prayer; it’s life stuff. You know, like what’s going on with you too. We’re all busy people. Mercifully, the LORD has made a way for us to “walk slow” in a busy world. It is possible.

Take care,