The Day Is Here

Lucia will have surgery on Monday, April 10 at 3 PM ET. She will arrive at the hospital at 11 AM for pre-op. We are fine and have no needs other than your prayers. (The hospital is 1000 steps next door!)

Going Quiet

Because of the public nature of our lives, we have tried to be open about this part of the Lord’s narrative that He is writing into our lives. Being open through this medium (weblog) has helped in two primary ways: people have prayed much, and it has relieved us from having to “talk about this” so many times to so many caring people. We are blessed.

But for now, we must go into “minimalization mode” so our family can serve Lucia in the most effective ways. She needs space and time to keep her heart guarded against “sin’s thought encroachments” and her soul saturated in the Lord’s love and mercy. It’s not that we don’t want to talk to individuals about it or don’t want to entertain all comments and questions; we simply can’t at this point due to our heading into the epicenter of it all, and whatever the Lord has prepared for us over the next few months.

We have a few close friends who are fully aware of all things, and they are providing all the care we need. Thanks for understanding.

How We Got Here

The “diagnosis” last November was, as I said then, like a “ton of bricks” that lands on the soul. No matter how you think about it, the word “cancer” is a harsh word that does not respect image bearers. Like Satan, it comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Though Lucia knew what she would “probably” have to do, doing it is not as simple as, “Okay, I have cancer, I’m going next week to get a mastectomy.” Of course, there were some who did just that, but we don’t map our story, preferences, and expectations over them, and we don’t map “their way” over ours. To our own master, we stand or fall, so we talked to our Master and walked down the path we believed He wanted us to walk.

It reminds me of many couples I’ve counseled, specifically a husband who sins grievously against his wife, repents, and asks her to forgive him. In a “technical (theological) sense” she should forgive him. In an “is my soul at the place where I can freely forgive and move on” sense; well, that’s another story.

Technically, Lucia assumed surgery. From a soul perspective, it took more time to get to this place. Though I was more ready for the surgery and probably could have pressed the issue with her, I was more interested in submitting to what Peter talked about when he said husbands are to live with their wives in an understanding way.

Through a “thousand conversations,” the Lord brought Lucia to a settled place. She is ready.

Both, And

We are not all conventional medicine without alternative medicine, and we’re not all alternative without conventional. We’re both/and. Lucia did not want to move too quickly down the conventional medical road, have the surgery, and then always wonder, “What if?” This may be the simplest way to explain her “soul angst dilemma.”


We cannot overstate the importance of prayers from so many and the intimate conversations with a few. Both of those things played significant roles in helping my best friend get to where she is now.

I will post here–as I can–how things go with the surgery and what we need. If you want to know what is happening, please read here. That will help so much.

It is nearly impossible to imagine what life would be like without Christ or His body.


Rick and Lucia

Tristen, Haydn, and Ansa

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