No Radiation – We’re In Charge Now

  1. Monday, April 10 was the surgery.
  2. Tuesday, April 18 they removed the drain tubes.
  3. Monday, April 24 they removed the stitches.

During this last meeting when they removed the sutures, the doctor said the consensus from their panel discussions with the other doctors was that it’s not necessary for her to have radiation. This news was a big relief. That means no radiation and no chemo.

We’re good with that.

Hail StormThe current process is for Lucia to rest and heal. The healing is going well, and she’s getting plenty of rest. For the first two weeks, Lucia could go about two hours at a time before needing to sleep, which was perfect for her, except it was making her body clock wonky, so she decided to stay up all day this past Saturday. It was a challenge, but she persevered, and reset her clock.

She’s persevering better now. She has stayed up another whole day (or two), though she sleeps longer through the night and into the morning. Everything seems to be progressing normally.

(This morning she had no choice but to get up as the roofers were here early, banging on the roof. The hail storm from a few weeks back damaged our roof, house siding, and backyard fence. We’ve been in process of replacing those things. The past two days it has been the roofers.)


The only concern from the surgeons is the multi-focal iteration of the cancer. There were seven focal points around the breast, and they said this was an anomaly. They don’t have an answer for the multi-focal problem, but they are not suggesting a plan other than a standard healing, reconstruction process.

From this point forward, we are more in charge of the next steps, which means we can set the timetable for “recovery events.” The most important of which is accepting the kind offer from our long-time friend, Jim, to use his beach house in June. That should be part of anyone’s healing.

In August, I will be teaching in Denver, so the hope is that Lucia will get to get her “Rocky Mountain high fix on” at that time as we spend time with our friends out there. Another friend, Joanne, invited us to her island in the Gulf of Mexico (off Florida), which I think would be an excellent “tie over” between Surfside Beach, SC and the Rocky Mountains. If the Lord pulls all this off, it would be good for our souls, as the past year has been an arduous journey.

Somewhere in the next few months, we will plan the reconstruction. I mentioned in the last update that the nurse said we could wait a few weeks or a few years on that. The main thing is cancer removal. We like that plan.

The primary thing for me is that Lucia is comfortable with the plan and, honestly, that is all that matters.

I will post any new developments here, but we’re not anticipating anything new for a while. You can pray the “multi-focal dilemma” is not a problem and that the cancer is indeed gone, and we can get back to serving others.

As for serving us? So many have done so much. I’m hesitant to name names because I will miss someone, and I don’t want to do that, but you know who you are. Your words and deeds have been amazing.

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