Colorado, In the Beginning

July 20, 2017 – Nine days after my back surgery, we flew to Colorado for three weeks. My medical team advised that I not make the trip. Our original plan was to drive because that is what we love doing, but that was out of the question. So we flew.

The previous nine days I stayed flat on my back, in bed, with few exceptions. I wanted to give maximum time and limited movement to my back, hoping it would help it to heal.

I was nervous about going and didn’t do myself any favors the morning of the flight as I lifted my rolling computer bag from the floor to put something in it. I felt the pain shoot into my lower back.

That was a mistake. I thought I could make a simple lift.

Lucia and Tristen drove to Atlanta. Tristen did more of the driving. The less expensive ticket was out of the Atlanta airport, which is why we connected there. I lay in the back of the van, which was uncomfortable with or without a back problem.

Lucia let the girls and me out at the airport, and she and Haydn went in search of the long-term parking. It was evident that my back was not going to let me do much. We found a wheelchair and I stayed in it from the front door to boarding. That helped.

The flight was not too bad.

We landed in Denver and met Matt and Brandi Huerta, and Joe, their son. They were kind enough to come down from Fort Morgan with two vehicles. One for them and one that their pastor loaned us for three weeks. Amazing.

Let me repeat that: amazing.

We went to dinner with them, had some serious talks, and a reasonable amount of goofiness. From the restaurant, we drove to Colorado Springs (Southwest, CO) about two hours away to stay with Dave and Lorra Beth Forbes for two weeks.

(Matt and Brandi, and Dave and Lorra Beth are members of our site. Brandi is a graduate of our mastermind program.)

We based our “Colorado operations” out of the Forbes home. We left after a few days to do a conference at Brandi’s church in Hillrose, CO (Northeast, CO). We returned to the Forbes for a few more days, and then drove to Westminster, CO (Northwest, CO) for the IABC conference.

Dave usually goes to bed early but was sacrificially kind to stay up after 10 PM to welcome us to their home. We hugged and chatted briefly before we all went to bed.

My back was okay, but it was “mildly painfully obvious” that I needed to lay down. (It’s important to say here that my family was fantastic. They picked up stuff, pushed me here and there, and stood guard making sure I did nothing to strain my back. They brought satisfying care to me.)

Day One: Done

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