Colorado Springs

We spent most of our time in Colorado Springs. It was about 2 hours from the airport, heading diagonally southwest. And about 2.5 from Hillrose Community Church, and 1 hour from Westminister. Those are short drives in our world, so it worked out well.

Dave and Lorra Beth Forbes–members of our site–put us up at their place. Their home was large enough to where Lucia and I stayed at one end of the home, and the children had a comfortable spot in the basement. I set up my podcasting equipment and workstation in the TV room. It was super quiet, much like a recording studio. Perfect.

They live, literally, across the road from the Navigators, Glen Eyrie, and the Garden of the Gods. They were a few minutes from Focus on the Family and the Air Force Academy. Pikes Peak was the view from their deck. It was 13 miles away, though the 14,115 feet summit was so imposing that the distance looked much closer. It was right there, man!

Colorado Springs is butted up next to the Rockies. There were a lot of roads. A bit claustrophobic. It did not appear to be a “socially inviting” town. I could not get into the social vibe. It felt detached relationally. There were plenty of “tourist things” to do, but there was something about the town that made it mostly unappealing to me. I’m speaking on the relational side of things.

Maybe it was just me, but we’ve been in hundreds of towns, and this one was different. From a tourist perspective, it was awesome and gorgeous but “things to see” is not at the top of my list. Connecting with the culture is.

The elevation was 6K+. The oxygen was about eighty percent. We had chapped lips without balm, and we had to drink a lot of water. I did not sleep well, probably due to the altitude. The first few days I had headaches.

On the upside, the weather was super. We wore hoodies, which is standard for us when we go out west. After we leave the humidity of the Carolinas, things feel cold to us. But it was great. There were no bugs, especially mosquitos, which is a pleasant summertime relief. And I’m not sure you could improve on the scenery.

The mountain range changed every few minutes depending on the sun, clouds, time of day, and rain. It was superb, always revealing the mighty power and majesty of God.

Springs used to be a “religious town” with over 60 ministries in the area, many of them well known. Today, it’s a post-modern city where marijuana is legal, and God is in the rearview mirror.

A nice place to visit.

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