The Trifecta: Our Third Surgery This Year

It’s kind of interesting that Lucia and I have never had surgery before, and we have our third one coming this Friday. It’s reconstruction day for Lucia.

She had a mastectomy on April 10th. I had back surgery on July 11th, and she will complete the trifecta this Friday, August 25th. We figured it would be a great way to cap off her birthday week. She turned 48 on Wednesday, August 23rd.

She has been doing great. It appears the cancer is gone. For now. We will be vigilant, doing all the things we’re supposed to do while trusting our heavenly Father to provide sovereign care, praying the cancer will not return.

Lucia is not worried about the upcoming surgery. We both want to get it behind us, fully recover from this year, and get on with serving folks.

There was no timeline on this surgery; it was not imperative to do it at any particular time. Lucia could postpone it forever if she wanted to. The urgency was about the cancer surgery, not this one. The reconstruction is at her discretion. She wanted to put it off to (1) recover from the mastectomy, (2) allow me to have my surgery, and (3) wait until after our Colorado conferences.

I will take her next door at 7:40 AM this Friday. The hospital is about 500 yards from our home. (She has walked to some of her appointments. We’re a one-car family, so having the hospital next door is a plus when there were schedule conflicts.)

The surgery is planned for 9 AM and should be over by 11 AM. She will stay overnight, and hopefully, she will be back home on Saturday morning. The recovery time will be five to six weeks.

Her faith in God has not wavered. It has been an amazing year as we’ve seen the grace of God in so many ways. God is good during the trying times too.

The prayer request is for rest and healing. The children are ready to serve. Thank you for caring, praying, and inquiring about our lives. We love the Lord’s body!

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