The Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs too. I did not realize how popular this place is until tooling around the city a bit. We went a couple of times to the Academy.

The main thing we wanted to see was the chapel. It is a large pointy structure that had a ton of character. The first time we went, it was too late to go inside.

The second time, we went inside the tourist building and the chapel. They were close to each other so that we could walk from the tourist center to the chapel.

In the tourist center, we watched a short video about the life of a first-year cadet. The presentation was interesting and well done. I was hoping it would appeal to my children, and it did, right up to the part where the upperclassmen were banging on the newbie’s doors at 5 AM. That pretty much sealed the deal for my children; they will look at other colleges.

The chapel was well worth the visit. It’s too much to talk about in this post, but you can Google it to read all about it. I did a Facebook Live detailing some of the architecture. Really cool.

I also had a nice long chat with the tourist guide who was hanging out at the front door. He was a nice man who liked to talk. That was easy. He gave me some inside intel about the chapel and the grounds.

I left the Academy appreciating our military, all over again. I have much respect for them, as well as our law enforcement officers. Anybody willing to put their lives on the line for our safety is worth the highest respect.

Something that I found ironic was the requirements for getting into the Air Force. In the video that we watched, the narrator said the requirements were different for males and females. Ladies did not have to do as many push-ups, pull-ups, or throwing a ball as far as the guys. There were other differences too.

And I thought we were all the same. It seems discriminatory to have one set of standards for the guys and another set for the gals. I left thinking that our country practices selective discrimination. Or, maybe, there are actual distinctions between male and female. Shazam, Gomer! I’m sure after our lefty liberals find out about this anomaly, they will jump right on it to tighten this thing up a bit.

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