Glen Eyrie

Contiguous to the Garden of the Gods public park is Glen Eyrie, which is part of the Navigators organization. The Navigators headquarters is on the other end of the property. There is so much property that you have to drive to see the offices, which we did.

I wanted to see where Jerry Bridges hung out and pay my respects to a wonderful human being. He is on my list of top ten favorite writers. Jerry went to see Jesus a few years back. I’m glad to have met him over lunch with a few friends. It was memorable, and one of my life highlights.

We spent nearly all our time on the Glen Eyrie side of things. The name comes from the idea of eagles in a glen. There is an old eagle’s nest near the front, though I was not clear if it’s inhabited currently. But there are eagles, elk, bobcats, bears, and other wildlife that roam the property. A bobcat walks through the compound on most afternoons, typically right down the main drive. He’s all full of himself, apparently.


They found a bear in the kitchen a while back. He was lifting a large salad bowl up to his hungry head.

Got to respect that too.

The Navigators

Years ago, the owners of the property asked Billy Graham if he wanted it. He declined. Then Dawson Trotman–who led the Navigators–stepped in, and they sold it to him dirt cheap. The Navigators worked with Billy, which is how Dawson found out about it. It’s a gorgeous property, though not anywhere as popular as the Garden of the Gods.

The original owner did a lot of good work in Colorado Springs and built the property for his family. The centerpiece is a small castle. (Small when compared to the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.) It is wonderful to see, though.

You can also rent a room, even the honeymoon suite on the top floor. All glass. Score! During the winter months, the rooms run about $100 per night. Not bad.

Glen Eyrie is also an exceptional place for group retreats, conferences, getaways, and personal retreats. If I were closer, I would be there often. It’s a great place to walk, pray, refresh, (or do training).

Providential Tour Guide

To get a tour, you need to call ahead. We did not do that, so we were at the mercy of whatever would happen after we drove on the site.

We did walk around, and while sitting in a video room, a fellow walked in asking us questions. I told him where we were from, and he asked me to read his name tag. Underneath his name, it said he was from Landrum, SC, which is next door to our town.

One thing led to another, and he said, “I’m not doing anything right now, so what if I give you all a tour?” (He was a tour guide, FYI, not some random stranger like us.)

And thus he did.

That guy was quite talkative (informative). He took us to the castle, gave a lot of backstories, and let us go wherever we wanted to go.

He lived in SC all his life, but while visiting his daughter in Colorado Springs, he went to Glen Eyrie. They said he could work there if he wanted to, and through a series of providential circumstances, he and his wife quit their jobs in SC, moved to Colorado Springs in an RV, with no promise of work.

The Navigators did hire him eventually, and that’s that. He is a wonderful man, generous, kind, happy with Jesus, and glad to be doing what he’s doing. And he did it well.

Glen Eyrie is a must see if you’re in Colorado Springs.

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