IABC Was Fun

The International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) conference was fun. Attending these meetings was one of the reasons we went to Colorado. Of course, doing the Hillrose Church conference was the other.

  • I spoke six times at Hillrose Church.
  • And I taught four times at the IABC Conference.

IABC asked me to open the conference by speaking at the leader’s luncheon on Thursday afternoon before the “official” conference began that night. I taught the ministry leaders on how to have an online ministry in an ever-changing culture. The responses from the folks were good.

I spent the next three days talking to different individuals about aspects of what I shared during the luncheon. One pastor asked me to review his personal ministry blog, which I did. It was a pleasure to walk through his website, making suggestions about how he could make it more efficient and usable to his audience.

He was grateful.

I’m glad they asked me to do that specific training. Though Christians are doing better at the “redemptive use of technology,” we’re still a decade (or so) behind our culture in making the most of this “means of (common) grace.” We can do better than that, especially in light of our message. There is not a more important one out there.

IABC also asked me to lead an interview for The Mission House team during the main general session on Thursday night. That was a great experience. I got to meet Oliver Haywood, Matt Perkins, and Jim Tracy, all leaders of that ministry.

We had been emailing back and forth prior to the interview so they would not be surprised by my questions. Typically, when I interview someone, I give them the questions ahead of time so they will know what’s coming and not be surprised during the interview.

The next day I interviewed Oliver for our Life Over Coffee podcast. He’s a cool dude. I also interviewed Julie Ganschow, who leads a counseling ministry in Kansas City. I wish I had more time so I could have interviewed more folks. Perhaps next year.

The two workshops that I did were on “How to Make a Decision About Anything” and “How Do You Preach the Gospel to Yourself Practically.” Both of those were well-attended.

And we laughed a lot.

The children were great at managing our ministry booth. We had the green screen up and running so the people could stand in front of it to have their picture made. We dropped different backgrounds behind them, i.e., Niagara Falls, Yellowstone, Pikes Peak, New River Gorge bridge, and New York City. We took some of our best travel photos to use as backdrops.

We also had a “spin the wheel” game where folks could spin to win one of our 20+ books. Most folks enjoyed that, though some of the “spinners” were a bit tentative about what it all meant. The kids were great at walking a few of the older folks through this newfangled technology thing.

Can’t wait until next year. I hope that some of our students–grads and current–will be able to attend. That would make it even more special.

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