Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Mexico

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Update To Our Member Community – I’m in the middle of a significant public speaking stretch, for which I’m grateful to God for the privilege to serve Him and His body this way.

What happens during these events is that the ministry continues, which means prep for speaking, travel, and the work at these conferences do not replace my regular ministry duties; I add these responsibilities to my day-to-day work. (FYI: One of my “requirements” for speaking events is access to wifi so I can continue to work while away.)

To accomplish these events, I have to “pre-load” a week’s worth of work before I travel. E.g., This week I will do seven articles and podcasts between Sunday and Wednesday. Also, I must complete all our student’s assignments in our Mastermind Training Program. And then there is the usual ministry work, which is myriad, which includes a new book launch next Tuesday that I must complete in the next couple of days so it can go through the edits and populate globally by next week.

We’re also in the middle of a significant website launch, which we hope will be ready for you in a couple of months. There are numerous details involved with this launch.

Mercifully, many of you support this ministry, which has permitted us to hire Brandi Huerta, Chris O’Donnell, and Doug Graham this year. Julie Hansen has been working for us for a couple of years now, and Lisa Rice volunteers her time to the ministry. (We hope to bring her onboard by year’s end, which will coincide with the completion of her Mastermind Training.)

Without them, I would not be able to add these events to our workload. Without you, we would not have them. This work is a partnership in the gospel.

A Testimony – A lady in Alaska said that this past retreat was the best one that she had attended. She added that the previous retreats were fun and informational, but not as transformative. She said this retreat gave her a lot to think about and respond to personally and in her marriage.

It’s important to me that you know God is doing good work at these events. The assistant pastor in Alaska said the Sunday night meeting was one of the most well-attended meetings that they have had in recent memory.

Please pray for Lucia, the children, and me. We have Idaho, Oregon, and Mexico coming in succession. We knew it would be a challenge, but believed this was God’s will for us. We’re “in faith” for the process, but we’re also desirous of your prayers.

Thank you!

If you know of individuals, churches, or businesses that you believe would be interested in supporting us, share this link with them:

One Final Note – This website ranked our site as #10 of the top 30 best Christian websites for men.

The Lord is kind to us!!

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