Good ‘Ol Rocky Top, TN

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Ted and Charlene Thomas are long-time supporters of our ministry. It’s not unusual for them to stop in our home when they are passing through on one of their many travels. They, like us, have the goal of visiting every state in America.

Entertaining them in our home has been great. The last visit was a year ago, as they wanted to get updated on Lucia’s cancer. It was our time to return the favor, so we spent a couple of days at their place in Unicoi, TN, which is about two hours over the Appalachians from the Pfister home.

After our Mast General Store thrill in Valle Crucis, NC, we arrived at the Thomas home Monday evening. Charlene just retired after 37 years at Milligan College. Ted retired many years ago, and he’s been waiting for her to hang it up so they can do more riding, jogging, and gallivanting around the countryside.

We had a sumptuous taco salad as we caught up with each other on their back porch. Charlene is a master gardener among other things, so the view was spectacular. And never being the “slow down kind,” she is running for Alderman of Unicoi County.

She is good friends with the mayor, who just happens to have a small herd of American bison. She called up Le Mayor and asked if we could drop over to see Sammy and his girlfriends. It was a “yes.”

Too good.

The mayor was mowing his pasture, so it was a double blessing to meet him, Sammy and the girls. Ted brought a few carrots so we could feed the bison, which is not as easy as it may sound. Tentative fingers and long, slimy tongues made it a challenge, but we managed to get rid of all the carrots.

Classic Meat and Three

Our media guru, Tristen, was posting some updates on Instagram, and one of our followers, Dan Buchanan, happened to see what we were up to in Tennessee. As (sovereign) luck would have it, Dan lives one mile away, as the crow flies.

It was Tuesday.

I thought Dan lived in Knoxville, which he and Jackie did for a while, but they moved to Unicoi. I met Dan in Greenville many years ago, so there was no way I was leaving Unicoi without seeing him. Clarence’s meat and three, the finest local eatery in town, here we come.

Dan is a regular.

Charlene led us over in her car, and I got to put them together, which means she gets two more votes for her City Alderman run. We had lunch with Dan, and it was over-the-top fun to catch up with my friend.

I thought we weren’t going to get to talk after he met Charlene. They know all the same people, so the first twenty minutes was them swapping stories about Aunt Mable, et. al. Charlene had to skedaddle to another meeting, so I got my “Dan time” in, which was perfect.

We took a few pics and then headed toward Florence, KY to stay with one of the featured speakers for Answers In Genesis (AIG) and his wife, Terry and Margie Mortensen.

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