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We left Dan Buchanan and headed north to the Florence, KY area. Terry and Margie Mortensen let us stay with them for a couple of days while we visited The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.

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We went to these spots two years ago, but I wanted to go again because for the past decade I have been “spectating a lot of life” because of my back trouble. What that means is that while my family visited all these wonderful places, I was sitting somewhere because the pain was too much.

Since July 11, 2017, my back is much better, and I can walk. So we revisited the Ark and Creation Museum. Terry Mortensen is one of the featured speakers for AIG (Answers In Genesis). He’s really smart– Ph.D. smart. Talking to him was great.

Margie, his wife, is a little fireball. She gets up at 4:30 and doesn’t stop working until she hits the hay around 9 PM. Impressive. Constant motion. The Mortensens served with Campus Crusade for many years, and then in Europe for a few more years. Terry loved “creation stuff,” and as things worked out, they offered him a job. He spoke at the Museum on Thursday, which was a special treat for all the visitors.

Noah’s Ark

A friend gave us passes to the Museum, and half-price tickets to the Ark. The Ark tickets were for Wednesday, so we went there first. We stayed all day, walking over 11,000 steps. Much has changed since our last visit. It was fantastic.

The quality of the property, the Ark, and components are superb. It’s worth seeing. The best time to visit is afternoon. The larger crowds come in the mornings, but if you arrived before noon or shortly after that, there is less foot traffic.

The Ark is air-conditioned, and there is wifi. Go, Noah!! There are also ramps for wheelchairs and restrooms on all three floors. At one end of the Ark on two levels, they have video presentations, which is a nice break from all the walking, as well as informative.

There are electrical outlets to “charge” your phones, which is nice ’cause you want to take a lot of pictures. One of the workers said you could take pictures and do Facebook Live, which I did both.

You can also take food and water on the Ark, though there is food to buy if you want to do that. We carried backpacks with chips and things. And, of course, there are gifts to buy if you want those.

Petting Zoo and More

Haydn and Ansa took a camel ride. That was nice. It was important for Ansa, and Haydn was accommodating to his little sister. She loves animals. A lot. The creation folks are building a large auditorium for speaking events and concerts. There will be a village city of sorts, a tower of Babel, and a few other additions. It appears the building won’t cease, as the funds provide for new features. There are plenty of picnic tables for sitting and relaxing. And then the zip lines, which cost extra.

We were some of the last folks to leave. They have shuttle buses that take you from the main parking lot up to the Ark property, which may be a quarter-mile away. The buses are running all day, so there isn’t much waiting.

It was a great visit!

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