The Creation Museum

After The Ark Encounter, we spent the day at the Creation Museum. It was less walking than the prior day. I did 11K+ steps at the Ark and only 8K+ at the museum. I’m praising God that I can walk with minimal pain.

This trip is our second to the museum, and as the Ark, it was just as good as it was the first time, though we did different things on this visit.

The museum folks have lectures during the day, which we missed the last time, so we made them a priority. We heard Terry Mortensen at noon; that was special, and even more so because we stayed with Terry and Margie while in Florence. He did a great job.

The second lecture was from Ken Ham, who spoke on racism. It was the best “racism talk” I’ve ever heard. The children enjoyed him too. The irony is that I heard him 30+ years ago and now my children are hearing him.

It was the book, Scientific Creationism, that rocked my world during my undergrad work in the 80s. Creationism was so antithetical to a quarter century of evolutionist indoctrination and that early training did so much for my faith.

Before coming here, I contacted my friend, Roger Patterson. He did the workbook for our Drive-By Marriage audio series with Todd Friel of Wretched Radio. Roger connected me with Bodie Hodge, Ken Ham’s son-in-law, for a podcast interview. Bodie was awesome.

He is a speaker, writer, researcher for AIG (Answers In Genesis). He took us to his office for the interview. All six of us went. Bodie is an animated speaker, so Tristen had a hard time capturing a still shot for our archives. She did get four good ones out of 168 attempts.

Too funny.

Bodie gave us a tour of the back offices. It’s crazy how big the offices are, and how much they are doing at AIG. I’m glad our children had this privileged to see the front and back side of the operation.

We spent the rest of the time touring the museum and gardens. If you haven’t been to the museum and Ark, I highly recommend it. If you took five days, with a couple of break days, you’d be able to soak it all in. It’s best to walk slow, read everything, take your time, and prayerfully and reflectively process all the information.

Well done, AIG!!

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