Jiffy Corn Mix Factory Tour

My children love Jiffy, whether we’re talking about eating it or making it. So when putting forth the possibility of a Jiffy tour, they were ready to go. The Jiffy plant is a small one, but they produce a lot of product.

We were part of about thirty other folks touring the facility in Chelsea, Michigan. Jiffy schedules them throughout the morning, and there is no charge. It took an hour, which began with a short creative video.

We put on our nifty Jiffy blue hair nets and took the tour. I thought it would be cool to be a tour guide in a factory. The Jiffy tour guide was excellent. She has been working at the plant for 30+ years and loves her job. The tour guide gets to interact with the people and not have to do the hard factory work.

The plant was somewhat loud, but not unbearable. They were not at full capacity. They are mostly a seasonal company as folks use their products more during the fall and winter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example. We bought a case of Jiffy boxes on the way out, which were at a discount.

From Their Website

Chelsea Milling Company was established in 1901, as a traditional flour mill. By early 1930 we had expanded into the retail prepared baking mix market with our first “JIFFY” Mix product. Today, “JIFFY” is the market share leader in retail prepared muffin mixes. In addition to our retail products, we produce mixes for the Foodservice and Institutional markets.

At “JIFFY” our mission is to provide our consumers with the best possible value. We define value as providing the highest quality ingredients at the best price.

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