I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

In the great “I’ve Been Everywhere,” Man” tune by the late and famed American legend Johnny Cash, he made sure that we knew he’d been to Davenport, Iowa. It was a no-brainer after leaving Chicago that we had to hit this excellent midwest city.

All well-rounded cultural children yearn to visit these places, which is why we could not leave Folsom, California two years ago without visiting the historic Folsom Prison, which just happened to have a museum outside those blue-stone walls. And, as (sovereign) luck would have it, they had a J.C. room.


I went through three-quarters of my entire Johnny Cash collection between Folsom and Fresno. The glory of it all overcame my children. So when I learned that Davenport was a possibility, we bee-lined it to that little hamlet. And, you guessed it, we parked on one of the main drags and pulled up “Everywhere Man” on YouTube and took it all in.

Sky Bridge and More

The big highlight in Davenport was the sky bridge that jutted toward the mighty Mississippi. For whatever reason, they did not build it all the way to the river. Perhaps it was a lack of funds, but no matter, it was great to be able to walk through it.

And, as (sovereign) luck would have it, no other people were visiting that landmark while we were there, except two street teens who seemed to be looking for a cool spot to sit on the floor for a while.

And it was hot. I mean, blazing, scorching hot. We may have seen 50 total people while in the town for three hours.

The other highlight was walking alongside the Mississippi where they had a “park-like setup” similar to the riverfront in Cincinnati, just without the people. Lots of parking available, an amphitheater, and the stadium to their minor league baseball team, the Quad City Bandits.

There was also an opportunity to walk into the Mississippi, which was our first time, out of all the times we’ve crossed the big river in our crisscrossing of the States. Afterward, we went downtown to take in the city.

The architecture was lovely, especially the Adler Theater. The next event is in October. It appears the city takes the summer off, probably due to the heat. I’m not sure.

We chose not to stay overnight in their fair city, as we wanted to get to Minnesota to spend a few weeks with Lucia’s sister, brother-in-law, and their adorable family.

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