Mall of America, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lucia and I created a rule while we were dating; we would not spend more than twenty minutes in a mall. It was a great rule because anything over that time-limit stirred our sin natures to the point to where we were irritated with each other.

We disdain malls (also called mauls) because we dislike shopping. Our best clothes are over ten years old. Why buy something new to replace something you like? No question the Lord permitted Amazon to live and breathe on our circle because of people like us.

And then there is the Mall of America, the biggest mall in the United States. We spent more time in that mall in one day than we have spent in any mall in the twenty-five+ years that we’ve known each other.

Just shoot me.

But we had to.

We arrived before noon and left at closing time. It’s four levels that seem to go in a circle. I think; maybe that was just me. We began on one, walked around it and then proceeded to the next one until we had seen every store–for the most partl.

Mall Facts

  1. You could fit seven Yankee Stadiums inside the Mall of America.
  2. Or you could fit 32 Boeing 747s inside the Mall of America.
  3. Or you could fit 258 Statues of Liberty inside the Mall of America.
  4. The Mall of America has its own counterterrorism unit.
  5. If you were to visit the mall and spend 10 minutes inside every store, it would take you 86 hours to complete your journey.
  6. It took 13,300 tons of steel to build the Mall of America. That’s almost twice the amount it took to build that Tinkertoy the Eiffel Tower.
  7. It boasts having a 1.2 million-gallon aquarium.
  8. Feeding these aquatic creatures requires more than 100 pounds of food, daily.
  9. It cost more than $650 million to build the Mall of America in 1992.
  10. And they just confirmed a $325 million expansion of the mall. By the way, a trip to the moon costs roughly $100 million per person.
  11. The Mall of America generates almost $2 billion in annual revenue for the state of Minnesota.

From BuzzFeed

There was the giant Lego Store. Yay!! And the theme park in the middle, on the bottom floor. There’s the Apple and Microsoft Stores across from each other. Cute. Of course, there is a putt-putt course. The Crayola Store would be great for the little folks. I got a waxed version of my finger there.

Whatever you want, you could probably find it in the Mall of America. (Or go online so you can spend your days doing other things, redemptive things.) The highlight was spending time with the family, goofing off and eating/drinking samples that are plenteous.

We took our backpack full of food and water bottles so we wouldn’t have to buy food or drinks. It was my largest “step-count” for any day during our trip, no doubt. And praise God that I could walk pain-free, virtually. And I believe there was little sinning against each other, which was a major miracle of mercy from the Lord to our family.

The real great news is that God did not give us courage or desire to make malls a part of our family dynamic, but we were glad that we went. We had to because it was there, and I think we’re all glad it’s off the list.

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