Go Vikings


Because we do everything on the cheap, we visited the Super Bowl six months after it happened. We were in the “cities,” which is what the locals call Minneapolis and St. Paul, so we had to drive by the Minnesota Vikings Stadium.

It is a humongous, beautiful stadium, situated in the heart of Minneapolis. Totally impressive. After we found parking, which was not hard to do, we got some excellent shots of the facility and then went into the gift shop.

(I was surprised at how little traffic there was in the city. We could maneuver around without congestion. I thought Chicago was easy to get around, which it was, but Minneapolis was easier than the Windy City.)

A fellow was polishing the modern art “Viking horn” that was a corked screw formation at the front of the stadium. He was passionate about his job and loved telling us about how costly it was to polish all the glass on the stadium.

He spent the day polishing the Viking horn.

Wisconsin Cheese

Since we were close to cheese country, we bopped over to Wisconsin but did not find a good cheese spot. We did visit a lake to feed a few mosquitoes with our body parts.

And we stopped at Starbucks to get their “been there series” mugs. We try to get a mug from every state, though some states don’t carry the series. Sorry Idaho; you’re still important to us.

Upon leaving Starbucks, Ansa stepped on a small metal cover that was over a drain pipe and twisted her ankle. The lid was not fitted well, as it moved from side to side. Not good. Haydn carried her to the van, and she nursed her ankle for a few days.

We stopped in a nearby Goodwill, and Tristen and Lucia found some clothes, which was nice. Tristen needed some school clothes.

Leaving Minneapolis

On our final day in the Minneapolis area, I needed to stop by the Apple Store to ask a question. Afterward, I tried to start the van, but it made no sound. It had done that once before. I was hoping it was an anomaly, but now we knew we had a problem.

We called our insurance company, and they sent someone who eventually came by to jump it off, but it was not the battery. The man was not sure what the problem was, though I thought the starter was the issue.

Since we could not get it started, we called the Toyota dealership to see if we could get them to service it on a Saturday. Toyota was accommodating, so we made the arrangements with them and with a hotel for another night in the cities.

While waiting for the Toyota shuttle service to show up, I tried the van again, for the fortieth time in three hours. It started. Yay. We called Toyota and the hotel to cancel, hoping we could make it to Lucia’s sister to get it worked on at that time.

Next stop: Euclid, MN to spend some time with Lucia’s sister and family.

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