The President Trump Rally

While in Euclid, visiting Lucia’s sister, we learned of the President Trump rally in Fargo, North Dakota. All we had to do is text, letting them know that we wanted two tickets per phone. We asked for six.

I wrote this article, I Went to a President Trump Rally Last Night, on our ministry page. Click the link to go there and read it.

This event is a “historical bucket list” for our family. It’s rare to be able to see your President, and Fargo was only two hours away, so it was a no-brainer for us to go. And we needed to be in Fargo for a van repair. Thankfully, the Toyota dealership did an excellent job. It was the starter that needed replacing.

The dealership finished the van by 1:30, but the President’s rally was not going to let folks into the building until 4 PM. Our first instinct was to go downtown Fargo to check out things on the main drag, but we decided to swing by the Scheels Arena to get a feel for the “lay of the land” so we could mentally prepare ourselves for what we needed to do for the rally later that evening.

We arrived at Scheels by 2 PM, and the folks gathered were already wrapped around the parking lot. It was something to behold. We decided that if we went downtown, we would not be able to get into the rally, so we parked the van and got in line at 2 PM for the 7 PM rally.

A fellow told us that where we were in line was about 5700 of the 6000 people they would let into the event; he was guessing. When we finally got in around 6 PM, there were about 200 more who came in behind us. The fellow was correct.

Standing in line for four hours went fast. We made friends with our new line-mates, and we chatted with various sellers and politicians who came by selling and shaking hands. I did meet a black lady from Columbia, SC, about 90 minutes from where we live, who was selling t-shirts, hats, and other stuff. She follows the president around, setting up her tables to sell all sorts of Trump paraphernalia. I was impressed with her entrepreneurial work ethic.

We had food and water, which we carry with us at all times. We don’t eat in restaurants, due to the expense, choosing rather to shop in grocery stores around the country, buying bread, peanut butter, lettuce, and so forth. We had plenty to eat and drink while waiting for the event to begin.

The President’s Rally

After getting into the arena, there was no place to give our printed tickets. When I asked about them, the lady said she did not want them. I asked why, and she said that all they needed was our phone numbers so they could do security checks on who is in attendance. I appreciated the proactive security, especially with my family being near the President.

The music was loud and eclectic–rock, opera, jazz, country, et. al. It was too loud for us, be we could bear with it. We waited over an hour for the President to come out and speak to us. They had other speakers, plus there was time to do the wave, go to the restroom, and take some pics.

The President showed up, right on time. It was impressive. The man is an entertainer, no doubt about it. He knew how to work the crowd, and the crowd did not mind him working them.

He was irreverent, funny, condescending, and foul-mouthed. I did not expect or appreciate the cursing. Honestly, I did not think that attending a rally for the President of our country would have curse words. It gave our family something to debrief about after the meeting.

Hating Image Bearers

I would say that it was a pep rally more than anything else. The President was “preaching to the crowd.” It appeared that it was a huge boost for him, as I can’t imagine how hard it must be to read or hear folks cursing you out all day, every day of your life.

I get hate mail, as folks say all kinds of horrible things about me. It’s part of being a public figure, but the President’s “target” is in another orbit compared to mine. I’m sure being with 6000 people who appreciate what he’s doing had to feel good. I know it would motivate me to do more rallies.

Unfortunately, too many people do not know how to critique ideas while refraining from demeaning the person with the ideas. And Christians can be some of the worst in doing this. God created all people in His image, which should govern how we talk about people, especially those who have agendas different from ours.

I have many friends, in ministry and my regular life, who have criticized Presidents Obama and Trump as persons. It’s unfortunate, and I don’t respect them for it. This problem is unique to our age because of social media; everyone has a platform and a voice today.

I don’t care for the President’s crassness, but I do like a lot of his policies. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how he is leading our nation. I hope that he will continue to lead in conservative ways; it’s been refreshing in light of a political culture that works hard to make things harder on those that they are supposed to be serving.

Wrapping It Up

After the event, we stayed later than everyone else except the security, which gave us time to thank them for taking care of us. We also had time to take some pictures down on the floor.

And we found a hat, umbrellas, and potato chips in the parking lot. We could have picked up twenty camping chairs, and a bunch of other stuff. Typically, these events are like this, and we have learned that hanging back after everyone else has left can be a bonanza for our family. And it was.

I’m glad our children got to be part of this event. They were appreciative and impressed that God would arrange our agenda in such a way that we could do this. It was a good day.

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