The Drive-In and Fireworks Show

One of our bucket list items was taking our children to a drive-in to watch a movie. As (sovereign) luck would have it, they just happen to have one in Warren, Minnesota.

This drive-in was between cornfields outside Warren. We took three of our cousins with us: Caroline, Hannah, and Maddie, and the experience was as great as we anticipated. The “big kid’s movie of the summer” was Incredibles 2.

Most of the movie had the typical feminist slant as they kept the husband at home taking care of the kids while the “incredible” wife was “dragon slaying” in the city. The husband did come around at the end of the full-length feature presentation to help with the mop-up of the bad guys. Hollywood’s worldview was subtle enough to indoctrinate but not overt enough to tick-off middle-aged “privileged” white men.

The owner of the drive-in was a talker, who was happy we showed up for the movie. He made sure we knew that it was acceptable to write on the concession stand building, so we obliged.

The only difference between this drive-in and the ones of my youth is that there was no speaker to hang on the windows. Today’s technology lets you tune into your radio so you can play the sound over the car speakers.

The highlight for me was talking to six guys and gals who were parked next to us. They were intrigued by our summer travels, which opened the door for about thirty minutes of conversation. It was awesome. After the movie, one of the guys came to the van window and asked for my website address. I gave him my “throwaway card.”


Fireworks in Grand Forks

On July 4th we went thirty minutes west to East Grand Forks, Minnesota/Grand Forks, North Dakota. A river separates the two towns. You would not know where they separated if there were no river running between them.

The towns had a big party near the river. It was cool, albeit only a handful of vendors and a small town band playing loud licks from three generations ago. We milled around a bit, which took about thirty minutes before we settled on a hillside to watch the big show.

It was essential for us to find some fireworks for the fourth. In 2015 we were driving out of San Francisco, hoping to see a fireworks show, but it was too foggy, and we were so tired, that we chose to drive to LA using the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

We missed our fireworks show that year, which disappointed Tristen the most. Since then, we’ve tried to make sure we found some fireworks during our travels. The Grand Forks show was pretty good. It lasted thirty minutes.

Since we were a couple of hours early, we ate snacks and chilled out while the kids played card games. I was chatting up a lady with an angry teen. She observed how we were the family wearing the hoodies. To them, it was not cold. For us southerners, we felt the need to wrap up. It reminded me of being at Santa Monica in 2015, the only folks on the beach shivering in hoodies.

I was growing a bit weary of being cold all summer. I’m missing our wonderful heavy blanketed humidity.

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