Chad, Katie, and the Tallest Building in Bismarck

RMlogo Chad, Katie, and the Tallest Building in Bismarck

With much sadness, we left our three weeks, five-day visit with Lucia’s sister and family. We had to press on as there was much more to see and do. Our next stop was North Dakota to meet Chad and Katie, and visit the state capitol.

While we were at the President Trump rally, I posted some pictures of our trip and one of our supporters, Katie, saw what we were doing and said we should stop in and visit them since they were so close.

In the south, when someone says, “Y’all come see us,” we do not always mean it. It’s one of those southern expressions with more air than substance, but I’m a literalist, mostly. So when you invite me over for a meal, I might take you up on it.

And we did.

Chad and Katie have been supporting us for years and part of our “travel objectives” is to visit with our members. It took about three weeks for us to make the arrangements because we were not sure when we were going to leave the Colberts in Euclid.

We do “adventure driving,” which means we plan very little ahead of time. Our traveling is more on the spur of the moment because you never know who or what you might see, (i.e., Chad and Katie), so we keep our agenda open and loose, which is always a more exciting travel experience.

Fargo Again

So we finally made it to our members, who live outside Fargo. They had three girls, and appear to live out in the country, though most of western Minnesota and North Dakota is spacious. Chad and Katie have several acres on a hill that overlooks a beautiful lake.

Chad is in the military, so there was much that he could not tell me, though it was fun listening to what he could say. He did let us try on his jet pilot’s helmet, which was snug for my giant head.

Their girls were super-mature for such a young age. I was impressed with their demeanor, as well as their conversational ability. You could tell that they had been around older folks, as they were comfortable talking to strangers.

We had an excellent meal, and Chad had me sign my book that they just ordered. That was awkward, as I’m not comfortable doing that, and did not factor it into the book publishing process.

Interestingly, Chad emailed me a few days after our visit saying he wanted to enroll in our Mastermind program. Well, praise God. I need to visit more members.

He has been following our work for years. Chad told me that he listens to the podcasts all the time as he goes back and forth from work. It’s about a forty minute drive, which gives him ample time to take in a lot of our content.

Checkout our two podcast, here: Your Daily Drive and Life Over Coffee podcasts


Afterward, we left for Bismarck, the capital city of North Dakota. We had no particular reason for going there other than it was there. And there is not much in North Dakota, to be honest with you.

We got to tour the capitol building and the grounds. There was also a museum next door, which was nice. We love factory tours and museums.

The lady in charge of the guest sign-in asked us three times to make sure that we signed their guest book. She said they don’t get many folks from the south. One person did quizzically ask why we were in North Dakota. The vibe they gave was that there might be something wrong with us.

Of course, that’s not arguable.

Next stop: Badlands, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

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