And This Is Why I Call Her Saint Lucia

RMlogo And This Is Why I Call Her Saint Lucia

Sometimes there is nothing more to say. Lucia received this kind note from a long-time friend the other day. What our friend said to my wife is no secret because I live with Lucia. And those who know us best know that Lucia is the one that makes all the difference.

Lucia is the best example of Christlikeness of any person that I have ever met. I have learned more about Jesus from her than from anyone else. And I wholeheartedly agree with our friend that I could not be or do what I do without her. This note from our friend is why I call my bride, “Saint Lucia.”

Dear Lucia,

I meant to write you this email last Friday night right after you both left our house. It’s been in my head all this time, and I’m just today getting the chance to write it down.

I just wanted to thank you for being my friend for so many years. You have helped me in so many ways over the years, and I’ve modeled much of my life after what I’ve seen and heard from you. I remember before I had kids, how much you helped me when I was scared to death to get pregnant because of my fear of giving birth and fear of hospitals. You took the time to explain birth in a more beautiful way than I had ever heard; it permanently changed my mind and my feelings of terror surrounding it.

You also introduced me to natural birth and so many natural things. There has also been a myriad of homeschooling and parenting issues you’ve helped me that have been monumental for me. And you’ve challenged me on things I needed to take to the Lord and repent of, especially in my marriage. Thank you!

And beyond these huge things, what I’ve most appreciated is you just being you, chatting, and caring. You have been a true friend to me.

I admit that I used to be a bit star-struck with you and Rick back when I worshipped pastors and their wives, thinking that they were somehow a higher-level Christian than the rest of us. But the more I’ve gotten to know you both, especially you, as just people, I’ve come to appreciate you much more.

You being a homeschool mom with a business to run and serving a husband who has been physically in too much pain to help with much work around the house, it has shown me such a picture of sacrifice. That’s how I view you.

I don’t know of anyone who sacrifices more than you do for the good of your family. And I know that Rick’s success in his ministry is a direct result of your sacrifice. I often think about how, without having an immensely sacrificial “helper,” he would not be where he is today. I don’t know how you do all that you do. It astounds me every time I think about it.

I’ve been reminiscing about how precious it was to me that we were able to get more time together and grow closer during the year that you were going through the cancer news; decisions; emotions; prayers; surgery, and outcomes. Though I hated seeing you go through such a hard trial, I got to see your vulnerability as you shared your real faith, real struggles, and real victories!

I so appreciated your openness, and I loved walking through it with you in prayer. Though I’ll probably forever feel like I have nothing significant to offer you (being younger and less mature) I was so thankful during that season that I was able to take on the role as encouragement-giver and you could be the receiver (though of course, I probably gained an enormous amount from you than you did from me).

God was so present and spoken to me many times during that period so that I could share His encouragements with you. I loved seeing how God was at work in you. And when I was worried about you, He gave me confidence that He was holding and protecting you through it all and was going to use it mightily for good in your family as well as in many people’s lives who heard and read about your journey. He did great work in my life through your journey.

I never want you to feel that people have more to gain from Rick than from you, or that people only care because of Rick’s giftings and ministry. That is untrue. Your impact on everyone is significant, especially on your friends and especially when you are free just to be you. Not counselor or mentor, but just Lucia. Your presence and contented spirit are radiant. My favorite part of the other night was when you opened up your life to us; sharing your thoughts, how you’ve been doing; how the cancer recovery has progressed, and just sharing your delightful self. You’re a joy, and I love you.

I’m so thankful for our friendship and just wanted to let you know.

Have a blessed weekend.
Your Friend