Tristen’s Ultrasound

Neither one of us realized the miracle we would see. We were nervous. We were not sure if the baby would be there. Would the baby be healthy? Would it be growing properly? We had seen an ultrasound of our first babies sac but no signs of life and our second babies heartbeat.    

This pregnancy was at sixteen weeks — the day after the home pregnancy test came back positive. When the technician put the image on the screen we were stunned. There was a little fully-formed face staring back at us. Then the tech played the heart-beat, what music to our ears! Rick was on the verge of tears and didn’t want to hold my hand for fear of bursting into tears and missing the rest of the action.

The tech gave us some incredible pictures. All the parts were present and on track. We saw sections of the brain, the four chambers of the heart, the liver, bladder, and so on.  When the tech finished Rick and I embraced and Rick gave a prayer of thanks for God’s miracle and asked for a healthy baby at birth. We were both choked up. 

We told dad and mom the next day. Rick told the church after preaching in the evening service. He put the ultrasound pic on the screen for the church. I called my sisters afterwards and they all were excited.

Positive Pregnancy Test

The day after the home pregnancy test came back positive I schedule lab work at the OBGYN. I was nervous and concerned. The lab workers were so sweet in response to my fidgeting. I told them I thought I had the flu and I was nervous about a potential pregnancy because our three previous pregnancies had ended in miscarriages.

This would be the fourth time blood had been drawn to confirm a pregnancy. Would they put me on Prednisone to keep me from losing the baby? If I was pregnant, would they find a heart beat? Would I start bleeding in few weeks in spite of medical intervention? For the past three years we had been in an emotionally draining cycle of conceiving and miscarriages. If God chose to take this baby it would be our fourth loss. 

As I talked to the nurse about what the doctor would recommend for treatment, the lab workers ran the test and got results. When the tech came out with the result I was shocked, I had always had to wait a day. The test was positive. I began to cry. The nurse was very helpful in answering my questions and concerns. She checked with Dr. Stoner and determined that Prednisone would not be necessary since we were already at four months. I was on cloud nine by the time we left. 

Because of our history, the doctor wanted an ultrasound as soon as possible; we were able to get an appointment the next day. 

Six months pregnant with Tristen

Six months pregnant, almost seven (our 27th week), its gone by quickly. The progression has been rather uneventful. After 8 weeks of nausea, my stomach settled down. I’m not one that throws up. I was just “yucky” in my stomach all the time. After I figured out I didn’t have the flu (it was flu season and many were sick) and started eating every two hours, I felt better. I was ravenously hungry, but only a few food agreed with me: Saltines, mashed potatoes and plain noodles. 

I don’t think I have ever been so continuously hungry, but not able to be satisfied. Amazingly enough around the middle of April the nausea went away. What further astounded me my appetite was gone also. I no longer wanted to eat and food had little appeal.