Zing, Zang, ZOOM!

CircusWe were able to take the children to see the circus through the kindness of a friend. Tristen has been counting the weeks down in anticipation of their surprise: “something Ansa hasn’t done yet”. The walk from the parking garage to the BiLo center was dark and there was a strong ICY wind blowing.

Ansa said she wanted to go home. Tristen read the sign on one of the many trucks and discovered for the first time where she was going. The grin on her face was amazing. She quickly ran to Haydn and whispered in his ear. He turned to me and began grinning from ear to ear. Then they both began jumping up and down in anticipation. It gave me much joy to see their excitement.

Cotton CandyOnce inside we headed to the one-hour pre-show on the circus floor. Rick and Tristen took advantage of the “wardrobe” while Haydn watched in amazement and Ansa clung to me in horror. Who was the strange man with the painted face and huge nose? She calmed down watching the acrobats and Asia the elephant. By the time the show started she was waving at the elephants and grinning from ear to ear.

They were all amazed and captivated. I enjoyed watching their faces more than what was on stage. They weren’t interested in sleep when we arrived home so they put on their own show with costumes, music, and acrobatics!

Rick said he hoped the kids never grow old. God brings much joy to us through our children.