Mega, Major Boot Camp

This week is spring break. Therefore, some of our boot camp instructors took the week off and they did this also because many of the boot camper participants are traveling. However, they did give us an optional boot camp that we could attend on Monday and Thursday of this week. Any of the boot campers from all the ones that are going on could come to the Monday and Thursday ones this week.

We did this.

Normally Lucia goes to hers and I watch the kids and I go to mine and she watches the kids. But for this one week we went together. It was actually fun to do boot camp with Lucia. This is my third boot camp session and her second one. It is the first time we had one together. 

We had to take the kids with us. They had their bikes and other things to occupy themselves for the one hour of boot camp.

Last night the owner of the boot camp business, Derrick Singleton, was our instructor. He is an ex-Marine. It was awesome. He was hollering at us, running us, shouting some more and making us do all kinds of horrible things. We were sprinting with backpacks on our backs. We did step ups with 10-pound weights in our hands. Running with a boxer’s punching bag on our shoulders. We did many dips, push-ups, crunches, flutter kicks, star clusters and a dozen other combinations of exercises.

It was excruciatingly hard. It was painfully wonderful. Derrick is the real deal. I love boot camp.