Hayden Palm Is a Miracle

Hayden Palm Is a Miracle

I don’t know what it is about this girl, but I can hardly talk about her without crying. I told her mother today that I cry at personal suffering easily, but what the good Lord is doing in my heart about this young lady is different.

Maybe it’s because we have followed her blog for over a year now. Maybe it’s because her parents gave us an InstaPot for Christmas. Maybe it’s because my son’s name is Haydn. Haydn reads her blog posts to us. He practices his reading by reading her updates. In that way, Hayden has helped Haydn to become a better reader.

We watched her hope and fight, as the cancer seemed to go away. Then it came back. After a while we noticed her heart turn toward heaven. She began to realize that there may be another narrative. We’ve been way up with her as we laughed at her spunky humor, and we’ve been way down with her as she wrote about those nasty tumors, the awful treatments, and the persistent cancer.

We prayed.

We cried.

We cheered from a distance.

We “met” Hayden through our ministry. Somehow our content made it to Oregon. Her parents, later, became students in our Mastermind course. Then they had to stop as Hayden’s cancer began to consume all of them.

We stayed in touch.

By mid-summer, we planned a conference for their church at the end of October. Then the pain in my back kicked me in the rear, and I went down for the count.


  • Surgery on July 11
  • Herniated disc in early September

My number one reason for taking this conference was to see Hayden. I wanted to hug her on this side of heaven. I wanted to pray with her. I wanted to cry with her and the family. Today, this pic came across my computer screen, so I sat in my zero-gravity chair and cried here instead.

My heart is breaking, which is a minuscule fracture compared to what is happening to her and with her family. Her mom said to pray for Hayden’s sister. It’s hard for Chandler to cope. (Read “understatement” at this point.)

Hayden (Crebbin) Palm is one of the most miraculous people that I know. Her blog is called the Merkel Miracle, a prophetic title that connotes hope for a cure of the Merkel cancer. The irony is that Hayden is the miracle, just not the way we all anticipated. God is doing miracle work in hundreds (maybe thousands) of lives. I love this girl.

She is a miracle. And I will be forever changed by her life.