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I have thought for a while, and now toying with the new app that came out last April called Periscope Their competitor is MeerKat

What do they do?

They allow you to live stream any content from any place around the world that has access to the Internet.

Why would anyone want to do that?

I suspect for mostly self-gratifying reasons if you come from a doctrine of sin perspective. If you come from a “how can I get the Gospel out” perspective, then it may be one of the most redemptive pieces of technology to come along in a while.

Twitter bought Periscope before it was ever launched. That’s what they thought about it. They perceived it would be a big deal. They are right. It will be huge to the unregenerate world.

The question now becomes how soon and how often will the Christian world tag along?

This is Periscope’s 1.0 iteration, so there will be many upgrades, though it works somewhat flawlessly now. I can’t wait for the enhancements.

There will also be legislation, i.e., streaming live events where they don’t want the event to be streamed. I can see that as a big problem. Or, recording people live, who do not want to be recorded. They will have some issues to work through, no doubt.

I have used it three or four times. I do like the process, though I’m still not sure of the best way to make it a piece of encouragement for God’s children.

As for use, it is super-easy to use, which means I don’t have to worry about “one more thing to do”, which would be a big problem for me, because discretionary time is one thing that I do not have.

Today, I recorded a trip home from school, where I picked up the girls from high school (my girl, and two other girls who are carpooling with us). I also live-streamed a podcast that I recorded for future publication–Sunday night.

That may be a good benefit–to let others into our ministry world. I’m not sure. We’ll see.

For now it’s another tech-toy, so I do (must) give it a spin around the block because if it is a Gospel-asset, then I will add it to the collection.

I do not ever want to stop exploring new ways to put the name of Christ in the top of people’s minds.