Been away for awhile…

Here we go again!

I’m sorry for the long absence. I’ve been busy. This morning we were up before dawn and off to the gym. My arms are very tired. It was easier lifting the Christmas sweets than dead, cold weights. But I feel much better.

Yesterday we saw Buddy and Sherrie at Sam’s. That was nice.

Tristen read to me after lunch. Her reading is going very well. I’m encouraged.

Ansa is not freaking out anymore when Haydn wears his Spiderman costume.


Why write the story

During lunch the other day a friend was asking me some questions about my life, salvation, and so forth. Today, I was thinking about our conversation and thought it would be nice to put some of my life stories on paper in a concise and short format.

I enjoy journaling and have been doing it for a while. The reward of writing is restorative to my soul. My thoughts on doing “life stories” are…

  1. I journal anyway.
  2. Been doing it since ’94 so it’s a habit.
  3. It will be of interest to my children at some point.
  4. I wish my daddy did this. I’d love to read the stories.

When it began

In ’94 I was at a family reunion and one of the patriarchs was reading an excerpt from a great, great, great Civil War soldier. It was a journal entry. I was amazed as I listened to the excerpt. That is when it occurred to me how I wish I had something like that from my dad.

My next thought was that I could do this for my kids. So I began.

So I think I will give a cyber journal a whirl.